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Hello everyone hope you all are doing good.

today i am going to share top 10 quotes of SELENA GOMEZ which inspires me the most.

share your favourite quote in comment section! here we go!

“Everything happens for a reason and, something better will come along for me!”
― Selena Gomez

“Being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone don’t be someone else just be yourself.”
― Selena Gomez

“Be yourself always, there’s no one better”
― Selena Gomez

“If you love something, set it free. And if it really loves you, it will find a way to come back.”
― selena gomez

“I believe in second chances, but I don’t believe in third or fourth chances.”
― Selena Gomez

“People do change.”
― Selena Gómez

“I mess up, a lot, but that’s ok, nobody’s perfect.”
― Selena Gómez

“Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with; you’re just gonna end up Lonley.”
― selena gomez

“I’ve heard the rumors but you won’t come clean.
I guess I’m hoping it’s because of me…”
― Selena Gomez

“I can make the stars dance”
― Selena Gomez



HEY EVERYONE OUT THERE! Hope y’all doing good. so after a long time i’m writing a blog and i thought i should come up with something helpful instead of a motivational quote to lift you day a little up. let’s get started!

Well i know everyone is fighting a battle deep down with their own circumstances. and that’s perfectly fine buddy you’re not alone. But when i was going through this situation i felt some kind of ache in my body. may be it was my body’s way of telling me to take rest now. and so i did.

I took proper care of my mind and body for some days and it worked out perfectly fine. but i did not took any medicine to numb the ache. because i was the only one who caused that paint to myself. On the other side i saw my friend having the same mental sate in which i was before, so i advised her to take a break and meditate. her reply left me astonished, coz she said ” honey i’ll take a pill and will be fine within minutes”.

i know many of you will agree with me and other people will agree with my friend’s opinion. but what i wanted to tell you guys is, there is nothing wrong in taking medicine to cure your body but before taking a pill just ask yourself “Do you really need that?” because the cure is already within the body you just have to activate the system once. meditation is always better than medication because it has no side effect at all. you will be at peace once you start it. all you have to do is FOCUS.

and gradually things will start to change maybe not today but tomorrow for sure. you will start loving yourself, taking care of your mind and body.

Tell me what you think about it. Meditation or Medication?



Angel number 2

Hey everyone. Hope y’all doing great.

Our todays Angel number is 2.

ANGEL NUMBER 2. … Angel Number 2 is amessage to have courage, faith and trust in the angels and Universal Energies as the answers to your prayers are manifesting for you, although it may not be obvious just yet. It may be a test of your patience, but rest assured that all will come to pass in Divine right time, at the right moment. Have faith

Stay tuned for more updates.🌺

ट्रेन का सफ़र

नमस्ते! 🙏😇उम्मीद है कि आप सभी काफी अच्छे हैं और स्वस्थ हैं। ❤

आज का यह blog हिंदी में बयाँ होने जा रहा है, ऐसा इसलिए क्योंकि मुझे लगता है की मन की बात को अब दिल की भाषा में बयाँ करने का वक़्त आ चुका है। आज से NEVERENDING STORIES पर आप सभी को कुछ हिंदी blogs भी या कहूँ कुछ अनकहे क़िस्से देखने को मिलेंगे।

उम्मीद है सभी लोगों को यह अच्छा लगेगा।

ट्रेन का सफ़र।

ट्रेन का सफ़र ऐसा था के,

दिल डगमगा रहा था,

मै तो आगे बढ़ रही थी,

पर मन पीछे जा रहा था,

घर से निकली तो एक आवाज़ साथ आई,

कब आयेगी? थोड़ा जल्दी आना,

और पता मुझे भी था,

जो जा रही है अब दुबारा उसी ने नहीं आना!

जैसे तैसे स्टेशन पहुची,

दिल में इक घबराहट थी,

एक डर था,

मायूसी थी,

और जान जाने की आहट थी।

जब ट्रेन चली तो लगा के जैसे,

दिल चीर दिया हो किसी ने मेरा,

हल्की शाम थी उस वक़्त,

मेरी खिड़की बंद, और था अंधेरा!

12 घंटे जैसे तैसे पार किये,

उस पार मैं पहुँची,

गले लगे कुछ मतलबी,

और लगा के जैसे खाल है नोचि!

आँखों में नींद,

दिल में डर,

इक हिम्मत थी,

और छूटा घर,

जब आये इस नये शहर,

तो लगा के जाने क्या हो गया,

मेरे अंदर ही कोई रूठा मुझसे,

और अंदर ही तबाह हो गया,

10 साल पहले भी मैंने,

तय किया था ये सफ़र,

पर तब नादाँ थी काफी,

ना कोई बात थी ना फ़िकर,

जाने क्यों जब भी मैं याद करती हूँ वो सफ़र,

याद आता है बेमतलब सा,

रिश्तों का अंधा असर!

खैर कुल मिला कर ऐसा था

मेरा ट्रेन का वो सफ़र!

– सिमरन सत्संगी

धन्यवाद 🙏🌺

Meaning of Angel number 1.

Hey everyone hope y’all doing great.

Your today’s Angel number is 1.

Here’s the meaning of Angel number 1.

  • 1 – This is the number of originality, leadership and independence. When this number appears it could signal the beginning of something new and original in your life.

Angel Number 1 is a reminder from your angels that we are all connected and we are all associated by our thoughts. Angel Number 1 asks you to be aware of your thoughts and focus upon your true heart’s desires so that they are able to positively manifest your desires into your life

Stay tuned for more updates 😇

What is Angel Number?

Hello everyone! Hope y’all are safe 😇 and blessed.

In today’s blog I’m gonna share some info about ANGEL NUMBER.

So first of all we gonna talk about what’s the meaning of Angel number and how it works perfectly with the universe. Here we go!

In Numerology, the divine science of numbers, it is understood that each number carries with it a specific vibrational meaning that goes beyond a simple quantity.

Angel numbers are sequences of numbers that carry divine guidance by referring to specific numerological meanings. In Numerology, the divine science of numbers, it is understood that each number carries with it a specific vibrational meaning that goes beyond a simple quantity.

Angels are always around us just because they don’t speak with us in our language they convey their message through some special numbers

Such as.. 111,222,333,444,555,666 and so on.

Each and every number has its own meaning.

A Good night.

Hello every peaceful soul out there. Hope you all are good😇So before going to bed i thought i should give you a bit of my energy.

Before going to bed darling,

Remind yourself 3 things:

1. You are loved ❤

2. You are happy😇

3. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life.🌺

Have a good night everyone.🌺

Vibrate Higher.

Hello to every peaceful soul out there. I hope you all are good. As we all know the circumstances are not as good as they should be, and people are crying out loud in pain. Well.. A lot of people are blaming each other. Why?

They shouldn’t do that. Maybe it’s because they are unaware of their Vibrational actions and reactions. Understand.. Every human being has a frequency on which he vibrates and connect himself with the Universe. Then Universe serves whatever the person keeps vibrating on, And we human beings take it too easy and say whatever we feel like.

But we shouldn’t do that. For example, if we are complaining about the world all day long what will happen in result? A negative response from the universe will be in front of us. We should stop complaining first, to build a better world around us.

Take a 24 hour challenge and don’t utter any negative statement or pass any judgment towards anything and see how beautiful the world gets. As a human being what we need is LOVE, AFFECTION, ADORATION, KINDNESS, CARE, PEACE. And because we are a part of thr Universe, the Universe needs the same things that love affection kindness care etc. Before taking it from the universe we must give it. Just like before plucking a fruit from a tree we must plant a tree water it, take proper care of it and then it will return all of your energy in the form of fruit. We should stay positive. It’s tough but not impossible and i think we can do this to build a beautiful world where every soul is in peace and not just living their life but also serving others. IT’S TIME TO VIBRATE HIGHER!❤

Take care of your thoughts everyone ❤😇

This Story Will Never End.

Hello everyone so today i’m just gonna present a little poem. and this one is dedicated to all the fake FRIENDS. who thought that you are nothing without them. so if you have ever experienced this then just give it a read.

let’s match the VIBE.

hope you guys like it!


a girl who was born from the light of the universe,
a girl who came here like a blessing in the curse,
a girl who is fearless and not afraid to loose,
coz that girl got no chill
and she is doing everything she wanna do!

that girl knows that her aura is made of gold,
she is no more weak
she is beautiful and bold,
she is living without any limitations,
she knows her worth and don’t seek for their pal invitations!

she is staying away from them
because they broke her trust,
she is kinda sparkle, and they were just the dust,
well that she is me,
and i know my self-love, gonna kill them,
but that’s alright baby,
coz that’s something that i always wanted to do with ’em.

if they are reading this… oh my fake friend!,
i wish you experience everything that you did,
and hope this story will never end!

This Story Will Never End…

Hope you guys like it .

Sunshine blogger award☀

Hello beautiful people out there!

Hope y’all doing great ❤

I’m so so so grateful that I’ve got another nomination for the Sunshine blogger Award!

Would like to thank KELLY for nominating me. It means a lot for me❤


Alright so let’s get to my favorite part which is question answer!!

Q. Do you have a grand purpose of your life? If so what is it?

A. Of course i have! And my purpose is to live.. To feel the happiness within, to feel the peace, love, gratitude, blessings, to create a better world for all of us, to make other people aware of their own powers in a healthy manner. And i guess I’m half way there buddy.. It feels great!❤

Q. How much of your daily life do you spend on phone?

A. First thing first i wake up and i start doing meditation on my phone while listening to some peaceful music or guided prayers🙌👏🙏🙇.

Q. Do you prefer to have a few friends or a large group of friends?

A. No doubt, i would prefer a few friends over a large company of friends because i feel so good around those who just means a lot to me and of course there are only ” Some” People that feels like homies.

Q. Do you like reading as much as you like writing?

A. Yes i do! Cause reading gives me inspiration and i love that!!❤

Q. What inspires you the most?

A. A lot of things inspire me but yeah my own circumstances inspires me a lot!

Q. If you drink coffee what is your favorite and why?

A. Nah buddy i prefer tea or vegetable juice.🍅🥦🥕

Q. Did you travel to other countries if so then where?

A. Well i haven’t but soon I’m gonna do that!❤ we’ll edit this answer then😂

Q. Do you speak other languages than your mother tounge? If so, which languages?

A. Yes i do speak other languages such as HINDI, PUNJABI, ENGLISH, MARATHI, Little bit of GUJRATI.

Q. Do you like sleeping?


Q. Weird: do you ever hit/slap your siblings secretly as a kid?

A. Well unintentionally it happened a lot of times😂

Thank you so much for asking such interesting questions.❤

My nominees:

Anyone who wants to run this, feel free to be my guest.

My 11 questions are Bellow:

1. Why you started writing?

2. Do you have any favorite book? If so, then what’s the name?

3. What kind of music you like the most?

4. What’s your favourite food?

5. How do you meditate?

6. What gives you peace?

7. When was the last time you got excited about something?

8. What is your power?

9. What is your weakness?

10. Do you believe in yourself?

11. On the scale of 1 to 10 how much you’ll give to your mental health right now?

Fight 🔙

Hey guys hope y’all doing great ❤

So FIGHT BACK! Here I’m not talking about any physical fight with anyone, no!

I’m talking about the mental fight that we have sometimes with ourselves, and surprisingly no one knows about it.

Because we are grown up now and we know how to hide our emotions as well as maintaining them. But you know what it’s not always important to HIDE your emotions.

Sometimes you should show em to the world so the people around you can understand the reason behind your behavior. You should release your emotions often for your own mental health.

Fight back in the sense, anything which seems to be disturbing to you just don’t let it be so heavy on your mind and fight back. Whatever that is pushing you down inside, just be more powerful than that and rise above your highs.

Fight back you warrior 💪👊

By neverending stories📖


Stay tuned for more blogs ✍

Thanks for reading📖

My last words for you.✍

Hey guys hope y’all doing great 🌺

Yeah you got me right.

This one is for you.

My last words for you!

Just wanna say a few words to you,

Never ever change yourself, just always be you,

Don’t ever lose your hope, let the critic judge you,🌺

Don’t ever miss me honey,

Never ever mention my name,

Don’t even remember that i was there,

Once you got that fame👑

Don’t ever lose your hope,

Don’t let this faith tamed,

Be a miracle baby, be a star

And on the wall of your memories,

I’ll always be a beautiful frame🌺

Hope you find your path soon,

Hope you meet your heart soon,

Hope you got my point of leaving you,

Hope you got my full moon🌙,

I’m ending my words here,

Cause i know i won’t be there,

I won’t think about you from now,

What a lie! Haha wow,

We are seperate and happy souls,

I hope you understand what future holds,

I wish you trust the universe more often,

I wish you achieve your desires before our bonding’s coffin ⚰

I wish we’ll meet again,

I wish you’ll smile at me,

I wish you’ll be happy forever,

And leave all of your miserable company,

These are my last words for you,

Now i will never think of you❤

By neverending stories📖


Stay tuned for more blogs.

We’ll meet soon👑✍

Too busy for you now.

Hey guys hope y’all doing good ❤

So basically this blog is for those people who (at a point of life) meant a lot for us but now we’re just “TOO BUSY FOR THEM ONLY”.

See it doesn’t mean that we just have some issues with them therefore we are Saperating us from them..No! There’s nothing like that. We as an adults make decisions on the basis of our own peace of mind, our healthy life, healthy relationships, etc. And it’s not SELFISH!

If we are being busy for some particular people it means we simply want to avoid their vibe that’s it. Because our awakened minds and bodies does not understand their loud and harsh voices which are totally meaningless and rubbish.

Avoiding toxic food is good for your health, in the same way avoiding toxic people is also good for your mental health and for your vibe too! Don’t say a single word against them, don’t kill your vibe just be too busy for them don’t even give them single second of your life.

Just be healthy mentally, physically..always❤

And simply say I’m too busy for you now❤By Neverending stories📖


Thanks For reading 🌺

Stay tuned for more 🙏

I think, I am!

Hey beautiful people out there 🌺

Hope y’all doing great.

So our today’s blog is all about changes. Change is good, and changing for good is great! See there will be a lot of people who’ll get bothered by your moves because you are changing yourself for a good reason. And they don’t want you to get better that’s it. So don’t ever take it personal and get offended you don’t have to do anything just do your best and let God handle it all.

You know who you are, your parents and loved ones know who you really are and that’s enough, you wasn’t born to be everyone’s favorite person you were born to be a real you.. So don’t be shy just be yourself truly. And If someone says that you’ve changed just say I THINK, I AM!❤

Your mental health,

Your heart,

Your mind,

Your body,

Your vibes,

Your emotions,

Your frequency,

Your behavior,

Your words,

Your actions,

Your relationships,

Your thoughts,

Your time,

Everything matters honey!!❤

So take care of yourself and be happy with yourself. Let the people criticize you for being the best version of yourself.🌺

Yours truly,

Neverending stories ❤

Stay tuned for more blogs ✍


Hey there!

Hope y’all doing good😇

As you can see this post is an direct indication to someone i love right? Yes it is. But for someone that I’m becoming.

Always love yourself through your growing years because it’s the time when you need your love and support the most. Always embrace yourself, be confident, be bold, be beautiful on your own it’s that simple. Just never give up on yourself because the day you did it you’ll lose forever and that’s not something you wanted in the begining right?

So just say I LOVE YOU!!💟 TO YOURSELF 100000 TIMES A DAY. AND MEAN IT!! don’t waste your “love you” On someone who’s not gonna end up with you.💟🤗

Have a good day ahead!🌸

Love from neverending 🌺

Stay tuned for more blogs 🌻


Be AWARE of people.

Hey everyone! Hope y’all doing amazing❤✌

So today i just wanna write about something that I’ve experienced in my life so far. Here I’m sharing my experience so that I’ll be helpful to someone who’s going through that phrase in their lives.

So without wasting a single second let’s get started!😊

Look it doesn’t matter how BEAUTIFUL, KIND, HELPING, POLITE, GENEROUS, GRACEFUL, AMAZING, PURE, DOPE, FUNNY, GREAT PERSONALITY OR HUMAN BEING YOU ARE.. You’re going to be CRITICIZED for sure. The problem is not with your personality the main problem is these PEOPLE who don’t have any other work than to put their nose in your business.

But that’s perfectly okay. Look these people are damn smart first they’ll pretend like they care about you or love you but the truth will be unfolded soon for sure that they actually don’t love you or care about you at all. They just play this role in your life and once you waste almost 4 or 5 years of your life with these kinda people they’ll get bored of you and then they’ll move forward to the next soul.

All they wanna do is make your life miserable that’s all.

These people are called TOXIC SOULS.

Honestly I’ve met a lot of them and all that I’ve learned is it was never my mistake! I repeat it was never! Whatever that I’ve done was SO DAMN IMPORTANT! and I have no regrets for sure man. Because i know you’re gonna hate me no matter how nice I’ve been with you.

So therefore I’ve lost all the reasons to be nice with you. Well that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna hate you because hating will take away too much of my energy and I’m not in mood to waste my energy anymore on something or someone who doesn’t deserves at all.

So all i wanna say is, don’t ever get fooled with these people. Be aware of people.

Stay tuned for more blogs ❤


Hey everyone hope y’all doing great!☺

So I’m back again with a new blog.. It’s basically a fun blog. I just found it on Instagram and i totally relate with that!😛 hope you guys can relate with it easily! And enjoy this!

Stay tuned for more blogs ❤


Neverending stories📖


Hy everyone! Hope you’re doing great!❤

We get scared sometimes. Some people get scared of their life, some get scared of people, some get scared of future, past, truth, reality, dreams there are so many things to be scared of but no one admits it ever! And it’s good don’t let your fears become your obstacles in life.

Today we gonna talk about this! Here is a list of what scared people do!

1. Asking for opinion.

Yes… Before doing anything in life they just ask for opinions. If you are doing this then you need to stop it right now, because it’s your life and no one will ever understand it like you do! So don’t ever ask for other people’s opinion, & for their unnecessary advices. It’s a total waste of time and energy because the results will be so damn inappropriate.

2. Keep on hiding the their reality!

They usually get scared of showing the REAL personality of themselves. Because somewhere they have the kinda insecurity or some thoughts like people will not like me or whatever. There can be so many reasons behind this faking personality. (Lack of confidence is one of them).

3. Always ashamed of their body.

They always think that they can’t have a perfect personality ever! But you know what guys it doesn’t matter if you are thin or plus size it REALLY DOESN’T MATTER!!! what matters is.. How talented you are,how kind, loving,good, generous, intelligent, sweet, you are!!

4. They tie themselves up!

They tie themselves in completely and apparently they lose the power of thinking freely… And they become a slave of their own imagination or mindset whatever it is. They just keep reminding themselves that they are good for nothing, they usually set boundaries.

5. Cries and fake smile everytime!

They do! They cry a lot but again there comes a fear, fear of being called weak. Therefore they fake a smile.

So guys I’ve shared these things for you to check if you are doing anyone of them. If the answer is no then you’re doing great but somehow if the answer is yes then i think you should focus on that. I mean this life is too short to be scared of what PEOPLE think about you, they love you or not.. Instead of expecting them to love you, to make you feel good, expect these things from yourself. You’ll do it better than anybody else.

Thanks for reading ❤

Image credit goes to: Pinterest 📌

Written by: Neverending Stories Quotes

Stay tuned for more blogs!☺


Balcony seat.🍂

Hey beautiful people out there💕

Hope y’all doing great!

So our today’s quote is :

The quote isn’t too long but it’s deep for sure.🍂

Hope you like it!

Peaceout 🌸

You NEED to get married before 25!! Why?check it out!

Hey beautiful people out there, hope y’all doing good💕

So our today’s topic is not so popular but i know a lot of people go through this problem where their parents tell them to get married before a certain age!

This happens to most of the people and specially with GIRLS OUT THERE! sometimes it becomes the biggest obstacle in someone’s life. So why happens?

Parents are not in hurry they’re just afraid of society that’s it!

Yes they are afraid of what other people will think about them and their child and sometimes it becomes the reason of their child’s destroyed life. Sometimes it becomes the reason of their child’s destroyed career.

Don’t give your child any DEADLINE.

They need to understand that marriage is not something that has to be done after a certain age otherwise you’re not a normal being. Marriage is an emotion, it’s a promise of staying with someone forever. And we can’t force this to happen.

Society is all about us. We make this society and then we get afraid of that. what’s the point of being afraid? They will not think anything because in this era people hardly give a damn about your existence. And you are destroying your child’s whole damn life just for the sake of society why?

Look if any parent reading out my blog.. I want you to get this straight in your head.. If your child is HAPPY alone then let em be HAPPY forever, if your child knows his worth then let him live like that. Let your child live his passion.


And it’s okay to be alone than to be in a wrong company.

You just have one life.. Live it love it♥

Hope you got my point.♥

Don’t marry unless you’re ready, age, society, fears are just distractions.💗💗

Hope you like it ♥

Peaceout 💗

How to write a suitable HEADING (PART-2)

Hey beautiful people out there🖤

Hope y’all doing great💕

So our today’s blog is all about how to write a suitable heading. (Part -2).

So let’s get started!!❣

1. Don’t use too much short forms

Yes don’t use a lot of short forms such as ( idk, idgad/f, btw, ttyl, ) it makes your blog look childish. Try to write the whole sentence. You can use these words ( I’m (i am), y’all, we’ll, he’ll, she’ll, shouldn’t, couldn’t, haven’t etc).

2. Use a language which is familiar

Don’t write down your heading in Spanish if your readers are from china, did you get my point? What’s the point of writing when your readers are not being able to understand your thoughts. So try to write down in a language in which most of your readers are comfortable.

3. No rollercoaster

Yes don’t write your heading like this

HoW tO WriTe A bLoG ❌

Always write your heading in a simple way.

4. Don’t reveal a lot in the heading

Yes don’t write down the main thing in the heading that you’re trying to say through your blog.

5. Don’t use too much special characters (@,#,$,_,&+,(,*,”,’,)

Don’t use a lot of special characters in Your heading

EG: “how to use a suitable heading???????”

Stay tuned for more blogs like this 💕


How to write a suitable HEADING?

Hey beautiful people out there💕

Hope y’all doing good 😊

So our today’s blog is about HEADING. I’m sure whenever we sit and start to write down a good blog we think of something and that something is heading.

Choosing a good and suitable heading for your blog is just amazing ❣ so let’s get started!!

Before you start to write a blog follow some of these advices:

1. Be clear

Always be clear about your topic so that it will be more easy for you to write a suitable heading for your blog.

If you have to many ideas cooking up in your head then you probably gonna end up blank. So choose the perfect one and just go with it.

2. Heading should be SHORT

Yes your heading should not be lengthy. Because we are the people who don’t have much time that simply means we don’t don’t have time to read all those lengthy headings.

Just try to keep it short and simple and that’s the key..

3. Use the perfect FONT

Yes DON’T go with any font that YoU like.

Did you like that font I’ve used above?

Surely not! So don’t confuse your readers by using any font anywhere. It’s good to use different fonts to make your blog look beautiful but use it wisely.

4. Less emojis

Yes.. Use less emojis when writing a heading. Because people find them more attractive and then they just sometimes ignore your heading just because they just assumed your entire blog by those emojis. So try to use less emojis.

5. Trending topics

Well i don’t know how many of you will agree with me but nobody likes to read about what happened to your cat when you reached home after 7 days!

So stop writing anything which is not a trending topic. By this “trending topic” I didn’t mean GOSSIP. It can be anything related to marketing, business, writing, entertainment etc.

50 cent🖤

Hey everyone hope y’all doing great😁 💕

Today’s quotes are:

1. “Every negative is a positive. The bad things that happen to me, I somehow make them good. That means you can’t do anything to hurt me.” – 50 Cent

2. “Wise men listen and laugh, while fools talk.” 50 Cent

3. “Different day, same s***. Ain’t nothing good in the hood. I’d run away from this and never come back if I could.” – 50 Cent

4. “If you die in an elevator, make sure you press the up button.” – 50 Cent

5. “Death gotta be easy, ’cause life is hard. It’ll leave you physically, mentally and emotionally scarred.” – 50 Cent

6. “Behind me is infinite power. Before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity. My strength is mental, physical and spiritual.” – 50 Cent

7. “Love your enemies and hate your friends. Your enemies remain the same, friends always change.” – 50 Cen

8. “I don’t display emotions. I have every feeling that everyone else has But I’ve developed ways to suppress them. Anger is one of my most comfortable feelings.” – 50 Cent

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Relax, take a break..💕

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So today I’m gonna post some quotes for you guys💕💕

Here we go!

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You should know it!

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Don’t rush to be in a relationship. Don’t force yourself either. Just let things happen according to the plan let things flow effortlessly. Be smooth on yourself be calm and patient

Don’t come into a toxic relationship just because everyone eles is getting into it and it’s a trend. No! You can’t live your life according to the trend always.

Stop calling yourself a better half! Be a complete and peaceful version of yourself.. And that’s how you’ll be able to give the LOVE to this world or to the person you love.

Stop having all those regrets and being a coward.. just admit if you’ve done something wrong and learn from it. Maintain Peace in your heart an mind also.

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Don’t die before your death.

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Just want to share a life lesson today!🌸🌸

Don’t be scared of anything! Because life is the most beautiful and horrible experience at the same time. Things get tough before they get easy, we lose before the winning, we feel numb before we feel blessed.

So basically my point behind saying all this is to make you guys understand that don’t be scared of anything in life. Don’t feel dead before death. Live each and every moment of your life. Live your fullest. Do everything that makes you happy because every breath of you counts. Every moment is important.

Instead of living a long life, Live a worthy one!🌸

Don’t wait for someone else to come and make you happy, be happy on your own. 🌸

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I’m not gonna post any quote today. Just wanted to ask you guys a question..

What makes you happy? And why?

Will be waiting for answers!!💜

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Sending love!❤

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So our quotes for the day are:

Sending love through some really nice quotes❤😇

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Late night chat. 💬

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Quote for the day:

I want to have that late night chat with myself.. Because i really need the person that i become after 2am.. Just to sort some things out. ❤

I know some of us want the same!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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