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5 steps for inner PEACE.

Hey everyone!๐Ÿ’— hope y’all doing great ๐Ÿ’™

Inner Peace is all we want right? So I’m back with a new and helpful blog about inner peace. Hope you’ll like it.๐Ÿ’—

Without wasting a single second here we go!


1. Ask yourself “who I am”?

Every night when you go to your bed just take a moment and ask yourself this question. It doesn’t matter who you’ve been all day long a teacher, a student, a player, musician, comedian, singer, dancer, lawyer etc.. But what Matters is, you’ve been a copy or an original? Because at the end of the day you need to tell yourself about your real worth.

2. Thank god.

Thank god for everyone and everything. I’m not gonna say that before going to bed thank god or before eating thank god. Because we aren’t kids anymore, and also we have understood that there are a lot of reasons to thank God and there is not a fixed schedule to thank God. Thank him in every couple of minutes, thank him while your traveling, thank him when you’re taking bath, thank him wherever and whenever. Because we are his children we can remember him anytime anywhere. Don’t bound yourself in your own limitations. Feel free to talk to him.

3. Don’t touch your phone if it’s not Nassesary.

Yes. Don’t touch your phone for the first 30 minutes when you wake up in the morning. And just take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen to silence. Be calm. Then remind yourself about your day to day tasks and make a strategy to accomplish them.

4. Stop watching T.V

Just stop watching television because it’s too time consuming. All of your favorite shows are there to pass your time.. Your favourite actors are WORKING In your favorite show and you are ENJOYING Watching it. Your favorite musicians are EARNING while you’re SPENDING on them. Always remember they don’t watch their shows regularly in fact they don’t watch any show regularly.. They focus on their work and whenever they feel like they need something new they usually go out and travel. Traveling is the best way to learn. They are earning, learning,traveling,working and what are we doing? We’re watching them doing all this for sure! So just stop wasting your time. Watch television but only if the show is adding something in your worth. Otherwise if you want to pass your free time just travel. If you can’t travel listen to some good music. Find new artists, or be an artist!

5. Stop living in the past.

Yes. If you want to live a happy & healthy life then you need to stop recalling your past memories there’s nothing new there! Stop thinking about it and live in the present moment. Just stop checking out people who are no longer a part of your present.

Hope y’all liked it! ๐Ÿ’—

Stay tuned!..For more helpful blogs๐Ÿ’—

Image credit goes to: Pinterest ๐Ÿ“Œ

17 thoughts on “5 steps for inner PEACE.”

  1. Past is important so we can remember past mistakes and learn from them. As people and as individuals. Donโ€™t dismiss it or throw it away just because you canโ€™t change it. Donโ€™t dwell on it. Think about it, analyze, understand, learn and move on.

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  2. This post is filled with great advice. I like the idea of giving your mind a chance to breathe at the beginning and ending of a day. Staying away from our devices is a positive way to allow us to wake up and prepare for sleep.

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