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I am an ARTIST!

Hey amazing people out there!✌ hope y’all doing great ❤

First of all if you are an artist, be PROUD of it!❤💗

Okay so today I’m not gonna write any inspirational short Story or some positive quotes etc.. I’m gonna write something which is so close to my heart.

Society says (a lot of people says) ART is a trash. Music, painting, dancing everything is just a trash. But wait, You don’t want your child to become an artist yet you want to decorate your room with some amazing art works. How is that possible?

You don’t want your child to become a musician but you want “REALLY GOOD MUSIC” for your damn function or social gathering.

You don’t want your child to become a dancer but you advise everyone to dance on the rhythm of life? Man are you serious?

You don’t encourage ART because you think it’s a waste of time, total trash, rubbish or whatever you say idk.. Just keep one thing in your mind forever that being an artist takes a lot of courage. It’s not an easy job. Nothing is easy i admit it. Imagine you’re in pain but at the next moment your mind gave you a topic to write or maybe the whole damn poetry or maybe a new amazing song or rhythm. It’s only possible when your inner artist is still alive. You are able to express your emotions through music, paintings, photography, writing, designing because you are an artist. Respect that!

In fact i would say anyone who is creative is an artist.

Respect every profession.. Let the youth be who they actually want to be. Set them free so they can grow into a person they always wanted to be. Society needs to understand that no profession, no field is superior or inferior. Everyone and everything is equal.

Respect who you are so the world will learn how to respect an artist. We’re all connected with art somewhere. We just refuse to admit it because it would be shameful according to our “SOCIETY”.

Be bold, be you, be real and be whatever you wanna be! No one has the right to chose a career for you, to chose a passion for you. it’s your job!

Here I’m gonna share some of the great content from some really good & hard working artists I’ve seen this year.. They’ve been working so hard on their craft but as we all know a majority of people don’t give a damn about new things and it’s because maybe they fear change! But it’s alright we, as a community of artists can take a look at these artists and encourage them as well. Because we know the real VALUE of craft.

So let’s take a moment and encourage them:




* J zweck


* JC





Hope you liked it!

Will be sharing some good blogs stay tuned!💗✍

Image/video credit goes to : Pinterest📌

50 thoughts on “I am an ARTIST!”

  1. Firstly, I really admire you for taking up this sensitive topic. This is really an issue in today’s era and has been there for a long time. This ‘societal pressure’ starts from school only, when parents pressurise their child in taking subjects they don’t like but will be socially valued. I don’t see the point.
    If a person makes his/her passion his/her profession, there is much higher chance of success. It’s simple maths.
    It’s a major issue. I agree with you while heartedly.
    Everyone is an artist. Really, everyone who is creative is an artist, who can look beyond the obvious things. I love the quotes as well.
    Amazing initiative and I believe this post should be shared more so that people or the society understand that the youth requires to do what they like and not impose things on them

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  2. Nicely put.
    I do belive you can make it a bit more fluid, though.

    The idea of arts not being important comes from modern governments (not society as a whole) who are trying to save money and to them it makes the most sense to cut arts from the education programs. On the side, there are also some practical people, who only look at how much money one can make by being an accountant as opposed to being an artist. Some of these will never appreciate art, others do, but want to shelter their own kids from hardships of being an artist. What they don’t realize is that if a kid is an artist in its soul, he will suffer more if he won’t be able/allowed to express himself artistically. That’s why more and more people change professions later in their life or continue to suffer, despite seemingly comfortable or even luxurious life.

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      1. Yes of course. The problem is that THAT part of the society who doesn’t see value in art, doesn’t understand that art is what makes us human. What sets us apart from animals who really need just food and shelter. Humans also need clothes, but if you take away the art(s) you’re not just robbing our souls of beauty and wonder, but also you are taking away nourishment for the mind. Average human will go crazy without some form of art. Especially in modern society.
        Keep in mind though any extremes carry consequences, so nothing but art is not good for you either. Moderation is the key to a healthy life.

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  3. Several years ago I had some extended bouts with depression. After a long time of soul searching, I finally got to the question “When did this begin?”. The answer was “When you stopped creating.” I still struggle at times, but continue to move forward. When I continue in creative endeavors of any type, my world is brighter, and I get to enjoy sharing that light with others who need it too. Thanks for your post. Chocked full of encouragement for those who will receive it!

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  4. I was told as a young girl (I’m quite a bit older, of course, 87) that being good at art, writing, or what have you, was of course very nice, but to concentrate on what “real work” I needed to do. Then what I told my children was, “Do what you love. If you love it enough to keep getting out of bed to do it, you’ll be OK.” Youngest son is a plumber. Another son is a fine wood worker. One of the girls is a photographer. The other girl is an artist (all kinds). The oldest is a golf pro. People of my generation and older usually say, “but what do they do?” not recognizing that each one of them is “doing” what they love and earning enough to live on doing it, even the plumber. When I stopped “working for the dollar” I wrote articles for The Sacrament Bee and other publications. Now writing poetry. The love that I get out of bed enough to continue doing.

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    1. That’s great 😊.. And I’m really proud of you because you didn’t cared about what people or society will think about your kids, you just set them free to do what they love and that’s the best thing a person could ever done. Society doesn’t understand the value of art but that’s alright maybe they just wanna earn through work not to learn through work. Our generation needs your kinda parent indeed!!❤ much love💙💙💙💙

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