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Wanna be FAMOUS?

Hey there! Hope y’all doing amazing ❤🌺

The topic took all your attention right? It happens because nowadays most of the people wanna be famous because somewhere they are craving for attention.

Before you give the message to the Universe about being famous, ask yourself WHY? why you wanna be famous so bad? The answer would be “because then I’ll be rich” Or “I’ll have all the attention” But wait, is this something you really want in your life? Is this enough for you? You can earn money without being famous. Money and fame are not connected. You can have the attention of your homies all the time and for that you don’t have to be famous first.

Look, there are so many disadvantages of being famous, once people start to know you like that or we can say once they start taking interest in your life.. Your life isn’t your life anymore it’ll become their source of entertainment.

They’ll want you to be normal again if you’re suffering from any kinda pain or hardships not because they want to be happy again but they want their ENTERTAINMENT back!

Your life is all about your happiness, peace, calmness, prosperity etc.. It’s not about how many people likes you for surely what you’re not. Don’t pretend! Don’t ever because when you start to pretend you lose your inner peace and real happiness. Ask yourself what you truly want not what’s in trend!

People are being mad, they are having plastic surgeries so that other people can like them! Man are you seriously? Why are you doing all the stuff like that. You’re beautiful these people just don’t know how to appreciate real beauty! That’s it. You don’t have to change yourself for em.

Wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

Listen to whatever genre you like.

Talk as much as you want.

Keep silent if you want to.

Basically don’t force yourself to do anything. Because at the end of the day all that really matters is YOU not PEOPLE!

Still if you wanna be famous then you can fo what most of the people are doing.❤

Hope y’all liked it!❤

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13 thoughts on “Wanna be FAMOUS?”

    1. Exactly. I watched an interview with Boris Becker recently. He was a world famous tennis player for 15 years in the 80s and 90s. He said at the beginning when he won his first world title as a teenager, he was blissfully unaware how many millions of people were watching the finals. Now it would be so much harder as every little mistake would be furiously commented on on twitter as it was happening. That’s why more and more famous people actively avoid or ignore social media and carefully control their interactions with the public and the fans. Some are naturally good at it and others are total disaster.

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