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What’s real INTIMACY?

Hey there! Hope y’all doing amazing ❤🌺

So I’ve seen a lot of people being confused about what intimacy is. No worries I’ve got the answers. So here we go!

Whenever someone says “INTIMACY” OR “INTIMATE” what comes in your mind?

Something like this?

Two bodies rubbing together right? But this is not the real intimacy at least according to me, you can have your own point of views.

Intimacy is when you can say whatever that comes in your mind without thinking about what other one will think about you.

Intimacy is when you feel no shame in showing who you really are.

Intimacy is when you can proudly show your scars without being judged.

Intimacy is when you sing a random song and the other one will start singing that too.

Intimacy is when you tell a lame joke and the other one reacts so general not with the emoji like 😄👻 or lmao lol.

Intimacy is when you both understand each others emotions. Without even saying a single word.

Intimacy is when you both cook together.

Intimacy is when you dedicate songs to each other.

Intimacy is when you can do some weird things with each other so comfortably.

Intimacy is when you hug each other so passionately.

Intimacy is when you watch movies together on a couch with bowl full of snacks.

Intimacy is when you find peace in each others arms.

Intimacy is when you can Dance on Amy regular day without any special occasion.

Two bodies rubbing together, you can call it Affection, Romance, Emotion etc. Whatever you want. But intimacy is something different i guess. ❤🌺

These are my opinions, yours can be different and i respect that☺.

Hope y’all liked it.❤

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