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10 ways to get rid of ANXIETY!

Hey there! I hope you’re doing great!πŸ’™πŸ˜Š

So our today’s topic is “The best 10 ways to get rid of anxiety”. Hope I’ll help someone out there!

Without wasting a single second let’s get started!!πŸ’™

1. Talk to God first.

you are his child, whatever you feel, whatever you’ve done just admit it to yourself. Look we’re all humans and we were born to make mistakes. So it’s just alright. There was a reason behind everything that you’ve experienced. So without fearing or hesitating just talk to him after all he is there to help you out not to judge you.

2. Never comfort yourself with lies.

3. Stay away from toxic souls.

Yes.. Just stay away i don’t have more words to make this clear to you buddy!πŸ˜›

4. Smile, smile and just smile.

Spread smiles, make other people smile, smile whenever you see a Baby, smile whenever you see an old person just smile.. If people don’t have any smile on their face just try to give them a reason to smile.

5. Be who you are

Because a lot of stress is caused by “pretending”, like i don’t like this but I’m gonna say that i like it otherwise people will not except me! Are you serious buddy? Let em think whatever they think! Just be you.

6. Don’t Cut yourself off from the world

Yes.. Talk to people i mean the right ones. Talk to them about everything that you’re worried about. Go ahead and have that 2am chat. Reveal every secret only if they are reliable.

7. Sun gazing

The best medicine is nature. Connect with nature and naturally you’ll be super fine after a few days. 😊✌just touch the leafs feel the nature..inhale the fragrance of fresh flowers.. Look at the sky.. Listen to the soud of birds..look at the sun and feel the sunlight (in the morning Ok😝). Otherwise this sun gazing will turn into sun burn too quick.

8. Accept your past self.

Yes. Make peace with your past. Accept that you’ve done a lot of mistakes and then forgive yourself for them buddy. Just forgive and forget.

9. Try to express yourself.

Yes. Don’t keel it to yourself try to express yourself through whatever you like. The source can be painting, designing, craft, poetry, dance,music whatever.

10. Just find out the one with whom you can be yourself.

Find out the one ” Soulmate” With whom you can be yourself with.( without any hesitation)Find someone who’s proud to have you.

Hope you like it!❀

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Stay tuned for more helpful blogsπŸ’™


37 thoughts on “10 ways to get rid of ANXIETY!”

  1. All good advice! It’s a lot harder than just taking the steps. You have to WANT things to change and take each thing in your life one at a time until you surpass each one, they are a battle but they can be overcome.

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  2. Those are great points. In speaking with God I appreciate the scripture Philippians 4:6,7 that speaks about a peace that surpasses all understanding when you give your anxiety to Him. This has helped me tremendously. Thanks for your post

    Liked by 1 person

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