❤From 1 to 500+ so quick!❤

Hey everyone! Hope y’all doing amazing ❤😊

Today I’m so happy because of just one notification from ❤

Neverending Stories Quotes now have a family of more than 500 people!!!❤❤❤❤ and I’m so happy at this moment 😊.. I still remember that day when i was making this WordPress site with my brother i wasn’t sure if people will like my work or not because i never had an experience of blogging before. But yes he believed in me and i believed in myself so here we are today! With much love and your support ❤ anything and everything is possible.

I started this blog on 30th April with 1 follower and today on 20th june I’m thanking all of my 500+ people ❤❤😊😊😊 who connected with me, appreciated my work, and gave their precious support.❤

You guys know the value of art because you guys are real artist. You know how to appreciate other people and that’s the best thing.😊❤

I hope soon we’ll be completing our 1000+ family ❤


45 thoughts on “❤From 1 to 500+ so quick!❤”

      1. Yes, I see you post every 1 or 2 days. I can’t manage that, so I’ll have to stay on the slow train, and that’s okay 😘 It must feel terrific to be reaching so many people. I hope you are proud of yourself 😍💜💫🍨😃🙃

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  1. Well done! Can I ask if you could do a post telling us stories of how like the dos and don’ts you use to achieve this height of attaining over 500 followers so quick. I’ll love to know more as I just started out yesterday. Love your content by the way.

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