Wanna be like Kylie?

Hey people out there! Hope y’all doing great!πŸ’™πŸ˜Š

So how many of my girls wanna be like kylie? I’m damn sure a lot if you will say I! And that’s pretty normal because she have a really really huge impact on so many girls.

I admit that she is pretty! She’s doing well too. She’s living her life and enjoying her journey. But the question is..

Why you wanna be like her?

Because you like her body and you also want that kinda body, that kinda appearances.

Or you like the way she talks that’s why you wanna be like her cause you think that your voice is not too good!

Or you like her lifestyle and that’s why you wanna be like her!

The reason can be anything!! But girls.. Ask yourself is it enough to Live a LIFE?

Does good looks are everything to you?

Posting pictures rather than enjoying the moment is enough for you?

Being in tight and uncomfortable clothes just to look good & hot is enough for you?

I guess no! Because you are the women of today’s era. You have your own mindset, your own aims, your own personality. And i really want you to know that you are not less than anybody girl! Kylie is kylie because she decided to be herself that to be like someone. Look we all have some idols in our life and that’s pretty good but following liking someone because of their work and copying someone because of their Apeariences are two different things.

You are not less than anyone just decide to be yourself truly for one day and you’ll see the change in your life. You don’t have to be like anyone.

You are perfect the way you are.πŸ’™

You don’t have to wear that heavy makeup to look good man! Have the kinda confidence in yourself to walk out without any makeup. Cause you are pretty and you need to believe that. True beauty is natural so don’t fake it!

Scars are normal. Acne are normal. Pimples are normal everything is so damn normal so don’t make it a big deal man!!πŸ’™πŸ’™

You don’t have to wear those skinny clothes to look hot! You look perfect even in your regular clothes man!

You don’t have to show your body to the whole damn world to get their approval of looking good nah! If you wanna show your body then it’s perfectly fine but if you’re doing it just for likes then please grow up.

You don’t have to look like a Queen all the time!!

You don’t have to post a picture of EVERYTHING! just enjoy the moment.

You don’t have to show off!! Just be humble.

You don’t have to wear those heels to look good!

You need no costly cosmetics to be beautiful. You are beautiful naturally.❀

You don’t need any photoshoot to capture the real beauty.. Just a selfie is enough.πŸ’™

It’s so good that so many girls are admiring her but don’t lose your personality!!!! Kylie is kylie because all that she wanted to be was kylie not Rihanna or lady gaga. Everyone has their own personalities so accept that and be a better version of yourself.πŸ’™

I’ve tried to make you guys understand through kylie because you love her and can easily connect with me.

Hope you like it!❀

Image credit goes to : Instagram


By neverendingstoriesquotes

Writer / lyricist / Poet / fashion designer / Artist - (Simran satsangi)

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