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Are you SELFISH? check it out!

Hey everybody!❤ hope y’all doing great ☺

So most of us have heard this so many times that “You are selfish” For something that we did for ourselves. Today i wanna tell you that you weren’t selfish at all.

Because I’ve felt the’s because We all go through some similar phases in our lives. And it’s one of them. Look if someone is saying that you are selfish just because you’ve done something which was so damn important for your personal growth then buddy you are not selfish. You did it because it was essential for your growth.

People, i would say most of the people who calls themselves your friends doesn’t really gives A damn about your well being. They just want someone to hang out with or someone to pass their time with. So try to understand the point when they say you’re selfish it’s not because you’ve done something mean, no! It simply means that you are no longer being a source of their entertainment and it’s bothering them.

That’s why they are trying to drag you down mentally each day so you can not achieve what you want to achieve, or Live a peaceful life. I think you can listen to Some good music if you’re feeling exhausted after hear em saying “selfish” “Selfish” Over and over again.

Look everything that we do for the sake of growth can never be selfish. Real selfishness is when we just think about our good in everything, when we do something which is just good for us not for other people.

Just look at the person who is saying this to you.. And know where this person stands in your life then let Any other thought come into your mind. Because your mind is so powerful, you create what you think. Just try to think positive more often. What you think about yourself matters!

Let them say whatever they wanna say you just stay focused on your path. Much love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Hope you like it!❤

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