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I fell in love with the UNIVERSE.

Hey everyone! 💙 hope y’all doing great ☺

Everyone has a love story. We can’t deny this. loving is a quality of Almighty and because we are his children therefore we also have this quality in ourselves. Having a love story is not BAD neither a CRIME.

When someone expresses that he/she is in love with someone or something what does our society do? They make perceptions, stupid assumptions about that person for example, “he/she is too stupid “

“He don’t have any other work to do”

“He don’t have any dream”

“He doesn’t have any problem”

“He is not mature enough”

Well that’s not true! If someone says that they are in love then we must appreciate it. Because loving takes so much courage. Look we are living in a world where people are just hating, criticizing, dragging other people down and doing so many things which are inhumane. So if someone is loving other people then what’s BAD in it?

I fell in love with the universe and that’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Because when we fell in love with the Universe, we fell in love with everything. We fell in love with the people, nature, vibes, energies, sounds, words, colours, stars basically with everything.

Loving someone or something is not bad but loving the wrong one is. So before you love someone just feel the vibe you get when they’re around. If the vibe is good then it means the person is right. But if the vibe is not so good then it doesn’t mean that the person is wrong no! It simply means that person is not for you he/she is someone else’s blessing.

A child loves his mother why? Because of vibe! Because he feels SAFE in her arms. He feels relaxed in her lap that’s why he loves her. There is no gifts, money, chocolates, flowers, expensive meals nothing but the energy. We should love like a child. Don’t expect anything like money, gifts, chocolates, cloths, flowers, dinners etc. Just crave for that vibe for that energy. Because if you want a long term connection then go for the energy before you go for those materialistic things.

Things will be left on earth but love, connections, affection all these things will be with us even after death.❤

Hope you like it💙

Video credit goes to : Pinterest 📌


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