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5 easiest ways to BE HEALTHY!

Hey everyone there! Hope y’all doing great ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’™

Being healthy is essential if we want to live longer.. And for that we must be healthy in both ways Physically & Mentally. For physical health we must eat properly..but have you ever noticed that someone is eating the best food but aren’t getting healthy? This happens due to lot of anxiety issues. The food will no longer give you the nutrition unless you are mentally healthy!

People just avoid their mental health as if it’s not that much important. But IT IS!! and for that mental health we must think good thoughts as we eat the best food for our physical health.

A person can be Happy only if he knows how to forget!

So today I’m gonna share some easy ways to forget something or someone. Because we can’t be happy unless we learn how to “forget”

So here we go!

1. Don’t run away from it!

Yes don’t ever try to escape. Because the more we run away from something or someone the more we get closer to it. Therefore try to face the situation or the person at least for once. Then It’ll be easy for you to forget that person or the circumstance for lifetime. I’m not saying you’ll forget it completely but you’ll stop giving a damn for sure.

2. Live in the present!

Yes.. Live in the present. Don’t think about your past or future because your past has nothing new to tell you and your future will not reveal anything to you. Living in the present means living for yourself. So just enjoy those little moments and cherish them. Give yourself the happiness you deserve and you’ll forget the rest.

3. Do more what makes you happy!

Do everything that makes you happy. (It shouldn’t be harmful). Don’t think about people or their opinions about you. Because they don’t know who are you indeed, all they have is assumptions about you so you shouldn’t waste your life for their so called assumptions. Do what you like.. You’re never too fat to dance, too ugly to be a fashionista, too dark to be an icon, too dumb to win that quiz.. You’re always enough for everything.

4 . Connect yourself with your higher self!

Try to understand yourself on a different level. Don’t be too busy with these worldly pleasures. Meditate! Tell yourself who you are..open your chakras.. Be fearless..be bold.. Be beautiful naturally. All these things will help you to forget anything easily because now you are in a different zone with a totally different mindset.

5. Love! Love! Love!

Love one another as much as possible. Because loving means healing and everyone needs to be held these days. Love is the language of God so try to speak in it more often. Loving will help you to forget that pain or that person because when we love someone or something we just forget the rest and shift our focus on that person or thing. Love gives us a feeling of security..relief so what does a wounded soul needs?

Will be sharing a blog on physical health soon!โคโœŒ

Hope you like it!โค

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Stay tuned for more blogs ๐Ÿ˜‡

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