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It’s all about “US”

Hey everybody! Hope y’all doing great as always 😊

So today I’m gonna write about what really matters in life.. Because we all know that things are getting messed up day by day and situations/relationships are going worse and it’s all because of our nature, our behavior(well not always! it’s sometimes the other person who causes so much drama) or we can say our lack of knowledge. So today we gonna find out what matters the most. Because it’s our life and it’s all about WE!

1. Happiness.

Yes.. Happiness matters! In your life, in a relationship, basically everywhere. Because if you aren’t happy you aren’t living a life so try to stay more Happy each day. And also try to spread this smile and happiness to the people you meet.

2. Dreams.

Yes your dreams do matters. Because you were made to do that, God has created you to be that person and it doesn’t matter if you are achieving your dreams by the age of 23 or 33, 43,53…. It doesn’t matter! What Matters is that you are becoming someone That you were supposed to become.

3. Love!

Your love doesn’t have to be perfect but it needs to be pure. Don’t get fooled by the idea of having the most perfect relationship with anyone because there’s nothing like perfect in this world. Love yourself, love that person, love your enemies, love your homies and all this love will find a way back to you!.

4. Truth.

Yes.. A lot of people don’t want to hear the truth because it might be hurting. But you know what be strong enough to handle those ugly truths with grace. Lies can temporarily comforting but truth gives you a permanent relief. So don’t neglect the truth!

5. Thoughts 💭

They really do matter man! Doesn’t matter you are at your 13, 16, 20, 30, 40.. Your age doesn’t matter. If you have the thoughts that can bring a change in this world then go for it. Speak about it. Take actions on it.

Hope you liked it!

Stay tuned for more blogs!😊❤

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