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How to write a suitable HEADING?

Hey beautiful people out there💕

Hope y’all doing good 😊

So our today’s blog is about HEADING. I’m sure whenever we sit and start to write down a good blog we think of something and that something is heading.

Choosing a good and suitable heading for your blog is just amazing ❣ so let’s get started!!

Before you start to write a blog follow some of these advices:

1. Be clear

Always be clear about your topic so that it will be more easy for you to write a suitable heading for your blog.

If you have to many ideas cooking up in your head then you probably gonna end up blank. So choose the perfect one and just go with it.

2. Heading should be SHORT

Yes your heading should not be lengthy. Because we are the people who don’t have much time that simply means we don’t don’t have time to read all those lengthy headings.

Just try to keep it short and simple and that’s the key..

3. Use the perfect FONT

Yes DON’T go with any font that YoU like.

Did you like that font I’ve used above?

Surely not! So don’t confuse your readers by using any font anywhere. It’s good to use different fonts to make your blog look beautiful but use it wisely.

4. Less emojis

Yes.. Use less emojis when writing a heading. Because people find them more attractive and then they just sometimes ignore your heading just because they just assumed your entire blog by those emojis. So try to use less emojis.

5. Trending topics

Well i don’t know how many of you will agree with me but nobody likes to read about what happened to your cat when you reached home after 7 days!

So stop writing anything which is not a trending topic. By this “trending topic” I didn’t mean GOSSIP. It can be anything related to marketing, business, writing, entertainment etc.

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