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How to write a suitable HEADING (PART-2)

Hey beautiful people out there🖤

Hope y’all doing great💕

So our today’s blog is all about how to write a suitable heading. (Part -2).

So let’s get started!!❣

1. Don’t use too much short forms

Yes don’t use a lot of short forms such as ( idk, idgad/f, btw, ttyl, ) it makes your blog look childish. Try to write the whole sentence. You can use these words ( I’m (i am), y’all, we’ll, he’ll, she’ll, shouldn’t, couldn’t, haven’t etc).

2. Use a language which is familiar

Don’t write down your heading in Spanish if your readers are from china, did you get my point? What’s the point of writing when your readers are not being able to understand your thoughts. So try to write down in a language in which most of your readers are comfortable.

3. No rollercoaster

Yes don’t write your heading like this

HoW tO WriTe A bLoG ❌

Always write your heading in a simple way.

4. Don’t reveal a lot in the heading

Yes don’t write down the main thing in the heading that you’re trying to say through your blog.

5. Don’t use too much special characters (@,#,$,_,&+,(,*,”,’,)

Don’t use a lot of special characters in Your heading

EG: “how to use a suitable heading???????”

Stay tuned for more blogs like this 💕


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