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You NEED to get married before 25!! Why?check it out!

Hey beautiful people out there, hope y’all doing goodπŸ’•

So our today’s topic is not so popular but i know a lot of people go through this problem where their parents tell them to get married before a certain age!

This happens to most of the people and specially with GIRLS OUT THERE! sometimes it becomes the biggest obstacle in someone’s life. So why happens?

Parents are not in hurry they’re just afraid of society that’s it!

Yes they are afraid of what other people will think about them and their child and sometimes it becomes the reason of their child’s destroyed life. Sometimes it becomes the reason of their child’s destroyed career.

Don’t give your child any DEADLINE.

They need to understand that marriage is not something that has to be done after a certain age otherwise you’re not a normal being. Marriage is an emotion, it’s a promise of staying with someone forever. And we can’t force this to happen.

Society is all about us. We make this society and then we get afraid of that. what’s the point of being afraid? They will not think anything because in this era people hardly give a damn about your existence. And you are destroying your child’s whole damn life just for the sake of society why?

Look if any parent reading out my blog.. I want you to get this straight in your head.. If your child is HAPPY alone then let em be HAPPY forever, if your child knows his worth then let him live like that. Let your child live his passion.


And it’s okay to be alone than to be in a wrong company.

You just have one life.. Live it love itβ™₯

Hope you got my point.β™₯

Don’t marry unless you’re ready, age, society, fears are just distractions.πŸ’—πŸ’—

Hope you like it β™₯

Peaceout πŸ’—

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