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Hy everyone! Hope you’re doing great!❤

We get scared sometimes. Some people get scared of their life, some get scared of people, some get scared of future, past, truth, reality, dreams there are so many things to be scared of but no one admits it ever! And it’s good don’t let your fears become your obstacles in life.

Today we gonna talk about this! Here is a list of what scared people do!

1. Asking for opinion.

Yes… Before doing anything in life they just ask for opinions. If you are doing this then you need to stop it right now, because it’s your life and no one will ever understand it like you do! So don’t ever ask for other people’s opinion, & for their unnecessary advices. It’s a total waste of time and energy because the results will be so damn inappropriate.

2. Keep on hiding the their reality!

They usually get scared of showing the REAL personality of themselves. Because somewhere they have the kinda insecurity or some thoughts like people will not like me or whatever. There can be so many reasons behind this faking personality. (Lack of confidence is one of them).

3. Always ashamed of their body.

They always think that they can’t have a perfect personality ever! But you know what guys it doesn’t matter if you are thin or plus size it REALLY DOESN’T MATTER!!! what matters is.. How talented you are,how kind, loving,good, generous, intelligent, sweet, you are!!

4. They tie themselves up!

They tie themselves in completely and apparently they lose the power of thinking freely… And they become a slave of their own imagination or mindset whatever it is. They just keep reminding themselves that they are good for nothing, they usually set boundaries.

5. Cries and fake smile everytime!

They do! They cry a lot but again there comes a fear, fear of being called weak. Therefore they fake a smile.

So guys I’ve shared these things for you to check if you are doing anyone of them. If the answer is no then you’re doing great but somehow if the answer is yes then i think you should focus on that. I mean this life is too short to be scared of what PEOPLE think about you, they love you or not.. Instead of expecting them to love you, to make you feel good, expect these things from yourself. You’ll do it better than anybody else.

Thanks for reading ❤

Image credit goes to: Pinterest 📌

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