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Be AWARE of people.

Hey everyone! Hope y’all doing amazing❤✌

So today i just wanna write about something that I’ve experienced in my life so far. Here I’m sharing my experience so that I’ll be helpful to someone who’s going through that phrase in their lives.

So without wasting a single second let’s get started!😊

Look it doesn’t matter how BEAUTIFUL, KIND, HELPING, POLITE, GENEROUS, GRACEFUL, AMAZING, PURE, DOPE, FUNNY, GREAT PERSONALITY OR HUMAN BEING YOU ARE.. You’re going to be CRITICIZED for sure. The problem is not with your personality the main problem is these PEOPLE who don’t have any other work than to put their nose in your business.

But that’s perfectly okay. Look these people are damn smart first they’ll pretend like they care about you or love you but the truth will be unfolded soon for sure that they actually don’t love you or care about you at all. They just play this role in your life and once you waste almost 4 or 5 years of your life with these kinda people they’ll get bored of you and then they’ll move forward to the next soul.

All they wanna do is make your life miserable that’s all.

These people are called TOXIC SOULS.

Honestly I’ve met a lot of them and all that I’ve learned is it was never my mistake! I repeat it was never! Whatever that I’ve done was SO DAMN IMPORTANT! and I have no regrets for sure man. Because i know you’re gonna hate me no matter how nice I’ve been with you.

So therefore I’ve lost all the reasons to be nice with you. Well that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna hate you because hating will take away too much of my energy and I’m not in mood to waste my energy anymore on something or someone who doesn’t deserves at all.

So all i wanna say is, don’t ever get fooled with these people. Be aware of people.

Stay tuned for more blogs ❤

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