Inspiring Positive

Too busy for you now.

Hey guys hope y’all doing good ❤

So basically this blog is for those people who (at a point of life) meant a lot for us but now we’re just “TOO BUSY FOR THEM ONLY”.

See it doesn’t mean that we just have some issues with them therefore we are Saperating us from them..No! There’s nothing like that. We as an adults make decisions on the basis of our own peace of mind, our healthy life, healthy relationships, etc. And it’s not SELFISH!

If we are being busy for some particular people it means we simply want to avoid their vibe that’s it. Because our awakened minds and bodies does not understand their loud and harsh voices which are totally meaningless and rubbish.

Avoiding toxic food is good for your health, in the same way avoiding toxic people is also good for your mental health and for your vibe too! Don’t say a single word against them, don’t kill your vibe just be too busy for them don’t even give them single second of your life.

Just be healthy mentally, physically..always❤

And simply say I’m too busy for you now❤By Neverending stories📖


Thanks For reading 🌺

Stay tuned for more 🙏

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