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My last words for you.✍

Hey guys hope y’all doing great 🌺

Yeah you got me right.

This one is for you.

My last words for you!

Just wanna say a few words to you,

Never ever change yourself, just always be you,

Don’t ever lose your hope, let the critic judge you,🌺

Don’t ever miss me honey,

Never ever mention my name,

Don’t even remember that i was there,

Once you got that fame👑

Don’t ever lose your hope,

Don’t let this faith tamed,

Be a miracle baby, be a star

And on the wall of your memories,

I’ll always be a beautiful frame🌺

Hope you find your path soon,

Hope you meet your heart soon,

Hope you got my point of leaving you,

Hope you got my full moon🌙,

I’m ending my words here,

Cause i know i won’t be there,

I won’t think about you from now,

What a lie! Haha wow,

We are seperate and happy souls,

I hope you understand what future holds,

I wish you trust the universe more often,

I wish you achieve your desires before our bonding’s coffin ⚰

I wish we’ll meet again,

I wish you’ll smile at me,

I wish you’ll be happy forever,

And leave all of your miserable company,

These are my last words for you,

Now i will never think of you❤

By neverending stories📖


Stay tuned for more blogs.

We’ll meet soon👑✍

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