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Fight 🔙

Hey guys hope y’all doing great ❤

So FIGHT BACK! Here I’m not talking about any physical fight with anyone, no!

I’m talking about the mental fight that we have sometimes with ourselves, and surprisingly no one knows about it.

Because we are grown up now and we know how to hide our emotions as well as maintaining them. But you know what it’s not always important to HIDE your emotions.

Sometimes you should show em to the world so the people around you can understand the reason behind your behavior. You should release your emotions often for your own mental health.

Fight back in the sense, anything which seems to be disturbing to you just don’t let it be so heavy on your mind and fight back. Whatever that is pushing you down inside, just be more powerful than that and rise above your highs.

Fight back you warrior 💪👊

By neverending stories📖


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