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This Story Will Never End.

A beautiful piece of poetry.

Hello everyone so today i’m just gonna present a little poem. and this one is dedicated to all the fake FRIENDS. who thought that you are nothing without them. so if you have ever experienced this then just give it a read.

let’s match the VIBE.

hope you guys like it!


a girl who was born from the light of the universe,
a girl who came here like a blessing in the curse,
a girl who is fearless and not afraid to loose,
coz that girl got no chill
and she is doing everything she wanna do!

that girl knows that her aura is made of gold,
she is no more weak
she is beautiful and bold,
she is living without any limitations,
she knows her worth and don’t seek for their pal invitations!

she is staying away from them
because they broke her trust,
she is kinda sparkle, and they were just the dust,
well that she is me,
and i know my self-love, gonna kill them,
but that’s alright baby,
coz that’s something that i always wanted to do with ’em.

if they are reading this… oh my fake friend!,
i wish you experience everything that you did,
and hope this story will never end!

This Story Will Never End…

Hope you guys like it .

By neverendingstoriesquotes

Writer / lyricist / Poet / fashion designer / Artist - (Simran satsangi)

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