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Vibrate Higher.

Hello to every peaceful soul out there. I hope you all are good. As we all know the circumstances are not as good as they should be, and people are crying out loud in pain. Well.. A lot of people are blaming each other. Why?

They shouldn’t do that. Maybe it’s because they are unaware of their Vibrational actions and reactions. Understand.. Every human being has a frequency on which he vibrates and connect himself with the Universe. Then Universe serves whatever the person keeps vibrating on, And we human beings take it too easy and say whatever we feel like.

But we shouldn’t do that. For example, if we are complaining about the world all day long what will happen in result? A negative response from the universe will be in front of us. We should stop complaining first, to build a better world around us.

Take a 24 hour challenge and don’t utter any negative statement or pass any judgment towards anything and see how beautiful the world gets. As a human being what we need is LOVE, AFFECTION, ADORATION, KINDNESS, CARE, PEACE. And because we are a part of thr Universe, the Universe needs the same things that love affection kindness care etc. Before taking it from the universe we must give it. Just like before plucking a fruit from a tree we must plant a tree water it, take proper care of it and then it will return all of your energy in the form of fruit. We should stay positive. It’s tough but not impossible and i think we can do this to build a beautiful world where every soul is in peace and not just living their life but also serving others. IT’S TIME TO VIBRATE HIGHER!❤

Take care of your thoughts everyone ❤😇

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