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My last words for you.✍

Hey guys hope y'all doing great 🌺 Yeah you got me right. This one is for you. My last words for you! Just wanna say a few words to you, Never ever change yourself, just always be you, Don't ever lose your hope, let the critic judge you,🌺 Don't ever miss me honey, Never ever… Continue reading My last words for you.✍

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Be AWARE of people.

Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing amazing❤✌ So today i just wanna write about something that I've experienced in my life so far. Here I'm sharing my experience so that I'll be helpful to someone who's going through that phrase in their lives. So without wasting a single second let's get started!😊 Look it doesn't matter… Continue reading Be AWARE of people.

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You NEED to get married before 25!! Why?check it out!

Hey beautiful people out there, hope y'all doing good💕 So our today's topic is not so popular but i know a lot of people go through this problem where their parents tell them to get married before a certain age! This happens to most of the people and specially with GIRLS OUT THERE! sometimes it… Continue reading You NEED to get married before 25!! Why?check it out!

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You should know it!

Hey everybody hope y'all doing good ❤💕🤗 YOU SHOULD KNOW Don't rush to be in a relationship. Don't force yourself either. Just let things happen according to the plan let things flow effortlessly. Be smooth on yourself be calm and patient Don't come into a toxic relationship just because everyone eles is getting into it… Continue reading You should know it!

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Don’t die before your death.

Hey everyone hope y'all doing great 🤗Just want to share a life lesson today!🌸🌸Don't be scared of anything! Because life is the most beautiful and horrible experience at the same time. Things get tough before they get easy, we lose before the winning, we feel numb before we feel blessed.So basically my point behind saying… Continue reading Don’t die before your death.

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Your story has no END..

Hola beautiful people! Hope y'all doing great ❤ So before starting this blog, I want you to ask some questions. Are you ready? Okay.. So here we go! 1. You cried that night right? 2. You were scared in that meeting right? 3. They left without uttering a single word, right? 4. You were insecure… Continue reading Your story has no END..

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What’s real INTIMACY?

Hey there! Hope y'all doing amazing ❤🌺 So I've seen a lot of people being confused about what intimacy is. No worries I've got the answers. So here we go! Whenever someone says "INTIMACY" OR "INTIMATE" what comes in your mind? Something like this? Two bodies rubbing together right? But this is not the real… Continue reading What’s real INTIMACY?

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Wanna be FAMOUS?

Hey there! Hope y'all doing amazing ❤🌺 The topic took all your attention right? It happens because nowadays most of the people wanna be famous because somewhere they are craving for attention. Before you give the message to the Universe about being famous, ask yourself WHY? why you wanna be famous so bad? The answer… Continue reading Wanna be FAMOUS?

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You don’t miss me at all✌

Life is a chaotic struggle.. And In your deepest darkest moments when you often feel alone. When there is no one by your side.. You pretend to miss me but you know what's the truth? You don't miss me at all. 1. You miss the vibe that i give. 2. You miss the laugh that… Continue reading You don’t miss me at all✌

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You are YOU and that’s your superpower 🔥

Hello people out there!🤗 hope y'all having a good day😇 So today I'm gonna tell you about your superpower ❤ Without wasting a single second, let's get started!! Well.. I've met a lot of people in my life who said that they changed themselves to be liked by someone or some people. They changed their… Continue reading You are YOU and that’s your superpower 🔥

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Lost you but found me.✨✨

Yes I know that i wasn't a good friend. I wasn't a good partner. I wasn't a good companion. I wasn't a good teacher. I wasn't a good relative. I wasn't a good secret keeper. I wasn't a trustworthy person i guess. And that's why you are no longer with me here in my life.… Continue reading Lost you but found me.✨✨

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That night!

Can't forget that night right? When you cried all alone and there was no one who could ever understand your pain except you. That night, when you were feeling broken into pieces. That night when you lost the one with whom you promised to stay forever with. That night, when you didn't had any control… Continue reading That night!

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Looking back isn’t easy.🌺

Looking back isn't really easy because it gives you a lot of feelings & Memories back. Everything gets into your mind again like it happened just a minute ago. And you feel so uncomfortable even with yourself. Looking back in the past can give you two things: 1. Happiness & cheerfulness. 2. Anxiety & Regrets.… Continue reading Looking back isn’t easy.🌺

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There are two types of people. 1. People for a season. 2. People for a reason. People who comes into our life for a season will surely leave one day because it's the law of nature. They will miss you when THEY ARE alone, they will call you when THEY NEED SOMETHING FROM YOU, basically… Continue reading People!