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This Story Will Never End.

A beautiful piece of poetry.

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Sunshine blogger award☀

Hello beautiful people out there! Hope y'all doing great ❤ I'm so so so grateful that I've got another nomination for the Sunshine blogger Award! Would like to thank KELLY for nominating me. It means a lot for me❤ RULES: Alright so let's get to my favorite part which is question answer!! Q. Do you… Continue reading Sunshine blogger award☀

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Fight 🔙

Hey guys hope y'all doing great ❤ So FIGHT BACK! Here I'm not talking about any physical fight with anyone, no! I'm talking about the mental fight that we have sometimes with ourselves, and surprisingly no one knows about it. Because we are grown up now and we know how to hide our emotions as… Continue reading Fight 🔙

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My last words for you.✍

Hey guys hope y'all doing great 🌺 Yeah you got me right. This one is for you. My last words for you! Just wanna say a few words to you, Never ever change yourself, just always be you, Don't ever lose your hope, let the critic judge you,🌺 Don't ever miss me honey, Never ever… Continue reading My last words for you.✍

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Hey there!Hope y'all doing good😇As you can see this post is an direct indication to someone i love right? Yes it is. But for someone that I'm becoming.Always love yourself through your growing years because it's the time when you need your love and support the most. Always embrace yourself, be confident, be bold, be… Continue reading I LOVE YOU!💟

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Be AWARE of people.

Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing amazing❤✌ So today i just wanna write about something that I've experienced in my life so far. Here I'm sharing my experience so that I'll be helpful to someone who's going through that phrase in their lives. So without wasting a single second let's get started!😊 Look it doesn't matter… Continue reading Be AWARE of people.

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Hey everyone hope y'all doing great!☺ So I'm back again with a new blog.. It's basically a fun blog. I just found it on Instagram and i totally relate with that!😛 hope you guys can relate with it easily! And enjoy this! Stay tuned for more blogs ❤ Love!❤ Neverending stories📖

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Hy everyone! Hope you're doing great!❤ We get scared sometimes. Some people get scared of their life, some get scared of people, some get scared of future, past, truth, reality, dreams there are so many things to be scared of but no one admits it ever! And it's good don't let your fears become your… Continue reading Scared?

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Balcony seat.🍂

Hey beautiful people out there💕 Hope y'all doing great! So our today's quote is : The quote isn't too long but it's deep for sure.🍂 Hope you like it! Peaceout 🌸

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How to write a suitable HEADING (PART-2)

Hey beautiful people out there🖤 Hope y'all doing great💕 So our today's blog is all about how to write a suitable heading. (Part -2). So let's get started!!❣ 1. Don't use too much short forms Yes don't use a lot of short forms such as ( idk, idgad/f, btw, ttyl, ) it makes your blog… Continue reading How to write a suitable HEADING (PART-2)

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How to write a suitable HEADING?

Hey beautiful people out there💕 Hope y'all doing good 😊 So our today's blog is about HEADING. I'm sure whenever we sit and start to write down a good blog we think of something and that something is heading. Choosing a good and suitable heading for your blog is just amazing ❣ so let's get… Continue reading How to write a suitable HEADING?

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Don’t die before your death.

Hey everyone hope y'all doing great 🤗Just want to share a life lesson today!🌸🌸Don't be scared of anything! Because life is the most beautiful and horrible experience at the same time. Things get tough before they get easy, we lose before the winning, we feel numb before we feel blessed.So basically my point behind saying… Continue reading Don’t die before your death.

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Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing great 😊 I'm not gonna post any quote today. Just wanted to ask you guys a question.. What makes you happy? And why? Will be waiting for answers!!💜 Neverending stories quotes 😊 #peaceout☺🤗

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Sending love!❤

Hey guys hope y'all doing great ❤😇☺ So our quotes for the day are: Sending love through some really nice quotes❤😇 Have a great week ahead❤ Thanks for reading📖 Image credit goes to : Pinterest 📌 Stories Neverending quotes.😇

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Late night chat. 💬

Hey guys hope y'all good!🌸🌸 Quote for the day: I want to have that late night chat with myself.. Because i really need the person that i become after 2am.. Just to sort some things out. ❤ I know some of us want the same!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Hope you connected yourself 🌸 Thanks For reading ❤ Neverending… Continue reading Late night chat. 💬

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Hey guys hope y'all doing great ♥😇 Our today's quote is: Sometimes what you want is not good for you and what is good is not what you want.♥ that is why some decisions should be left to our fate. Hope you like it!🌸 Neverending stories quotes🌸 Thanks for reading.🌸 Stay tuned for more🌸 #peaceout😇

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Hey guys! Hope y'all doing great ❤😇 Let's get started with our today's quote: Forgive those who hurt you, it's good for you. But never forget the lesson they taught you.❤ Hope you guys like it♥ Neverending stories ♥ Have a wonderful day♥😇 Stay tuned for more✨ #peaceout🙏

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Hey everybody! Hope y'all doing great ❤✨ So here is our today's quote.. Finding old music you used to love is like getting back in touch with an old friend.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Hope you guys like it!❤ Neverending stories quotes❤✨ Stay tuned for more blogs!❤ #peace_out❤

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Thought of the day!❤

Hey beautiful people out there😇 hope y'all doing great 🌹 And our today's quote is: ❤ Never ever sell your dreams!❤ Have a great day!❤ God bless 😇 : Neverending stories quotes❤

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Come back.❤

Hey beautiful people out there!❤ hope y'all doing great 😇 After so long I'm writing this blog, sorry guys due to my busy schedule was unable to write regularly. So I've decided that I'll be writing some short blogs regularly from today because it won't take much time 😛 I will try my 100 Percent… Continue reading Come back.❤

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Wanna see the world differently?

Hey beautiful people out there! Hope y'all doing great ❤😇 So today I'm gonna share some quotes that will help you to see the world a little differently! So let's get started!❤ 1) Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. 2) For every dark night, there's a brighter day. 3) Everybody's at war with different… Continue reading Wanna see the world differently?

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❤Got nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award!!!❤

Hey everybody! 😊❤ hope y'all having a fantastic week!✌😊 So yes as we can see in the headline above 👆 I got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!! And I'm so happy!!😊 It's the second time I'm getting nominated for such awards and I'm just so overwhelmed by my fellow blogger's love toward my blog!!… Continue reading ❤Got nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award!!!❤

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XXX TENTACION is still alive!

Hey everyone hope y'all doing great ❤ So today I'm gonna write about an artist not just an artist but also a great human being who left us too early with his great music. And he is XXX TENTACION. Whenever i listen to his music i really feel like he is still with us. I… Continue reading XXX TENTACION is still alive!

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5 easiest ways to BE HEALTHY!

Hey everyone there! Hope y'all doing great 😊💙 Being healthy is essential if we want to live longer.. And for that we must be healthy in both ways Physically & Mentally. For physical health we must eat properly..but have you ever noticed that someone is eating the best food but aren't getting healthy? This happens… Continue reading 5 easiest ways to BE HEALTHY!

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Got nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!!❤

Hey lovely people out there!❤ hope y'all doing great!😇 So yesterday i got nominated for the liebster award. And I'm so glad that Mr. Holliman nominated me for this one. I just love his blogs and also check out Mrs. Holliman's blog they are too godly and they'll surely give you a feeling of godly… Continue reading Got nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!!❤

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Are you SELFISH? check it out!

Hey everybody!❤ hope y'all doing great ☺ So most of us have heard this so many times that "You are selfish" For something that we did for ourselves. Today i wanna tell you that you weren't selfish at all. Because I've felt the's because We all go through some similar phases in our lives.… Continue reading Are you SELFISH? check it out!

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Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing amazing as always 💙😊 Through this topic i wanna share something that really matters but hardly anybody gives a damn about it. So what's that? "YOUR DREAMS" yes.. I just want you to understand that there will be 2 types of people in your life. 1. Who'll support you 2.… Continue reading Your DREAM, your CHOICES.


❤From 1 to 500+ so quick!❤

Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing amazing ❤😊 Today I'm so happy because of just one notification from ❤ Neverending Stories Quotes now have a family of more than 500 people!!!❤❤❤❤ and I'm so happy at this moment 😊.. I still remember that day when i was making this WordPress site with my brother i… Continue reading ❤From 1 to 500+ so quick!❤