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Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing amazing as always πŸ’™πŸ˜Š Through this topic i wanna share something that really matters but hardly anybody gives a damn about it. So what's that? "YOUR DREAMS" yes.. I just want you to understand that there will be 2 types of people in your life. 1. Who'll support you 2.… Continue reading Your DREAM, your CHOICES.


❀From 1 to 500+ so quick!❀

Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing amazing ❀😊 Today I'm so happy because of just one notification from WordPress.com ❀ Neverending Stories Quotes now have a family of more than 500 people!!!❀❀❀❀ and I'm so happy at this moment 😊.. I still remember that day when i was making this WordPress site with my brother i… Continue reading ❀From 1 to 500+ so quick!❀

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10 ways to get rid of ANXIETY!

Hey there! I hope you're doing great!πŸ’™πŸ˜Š So our today's topic is "The best 10 ways to get rid of anxiety". Hope I'll help someone out there! Without wasting a single second let's get started!!πŸ’™ 1. Talk to God first. you are his child, whatever you feel, whatever you've done just admit it to yourself.… Continue reading 10 ways to get rid of ANXIETY!

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What’s real INTIMACY?

Hey there! Hope y'all doing amazing ❀🌺 So I've seen a lot of people being confused about what intimacy is. No worries I've got the answers. So here we go! Whenever someone says "INTIMACY" OR "INTIMATE" what comes in your mind? Something like this? Two bodies rubbing together right? But this is not the real… Continue reading What’s real INTIMACY?

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Wanna be FAMOUS?

Hey there! Hope y'all doing amazing ❀🌺 The topic took all your attention right? It happens because nowadays most of the people wanna be famous because somewhere they are craving for attention. Before you give the message to the Universe about being famous, ask yourself WHY? why you wanna be famous so bad? The answer… Continue reading Wanna be FAMOUS?

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You don’t miss me at all✌

Life is a chaotic struggle.. And In your deepest darkest moments when you often feel alone. When there is no one by your side.. You pretend to miss me but you know what's the truth? You don't miss me at all. 1. You miss the vibe that i give. 2. You miss the laugh that… Continue reading You don’t miss me at all✌

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Lost you but found me.✨✨

Yes I know that i wasn't a good friend. I wasn't a good partner. I wasn't a good companion. I wasn't a good teacher. I wasn't a good relative. I wasn't a good secret keeper. I wasn't a trustworthy person i guess. And that's why you are no longer with me here in my life.… Continue reading Lost you but found me.✨✨