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Who are YOU?

Hey everyone! Hope y’all doing great πŸ’— So many of us have tasted failures in our lives right? And it’s so natural we can’t just win everyday at life. Failure comes for two reasons: 1. To Change your personality. 2. To exchange your personality. 1. Sometimes failure comes to change your personality. I’m sure you’ve […]

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Your story has no END..

Hola beautiful people! Hope y’all doing great ❀ So before starting this blog, I want you to ask some questions. Are you ready? Okay.. So here we go! 1. You cried that night right? 2. You were scared in that meeting right? 3. They left without uttering a single word, right? 4. You were insecure […]

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10 ways to get rid of ANXIETY!

Hey there! I hope you’re doing great!πŸ’™πŸ˜Š So our today’s topic is “The best 10 ways to get rid of anxiety”. Hope I’ll help someone out there! Without wasting a single second let’s get started!!πŸ’™ 1. Talk to God first. you are his child, whatever you feel, whatever you’ve done just admit it to yourself. […]

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5 steps for inner PEACE.

Hey everyone!πŸ’— hope y’all doing great πŸ’™ Inner Peace is all we want right? So I’m back with a new and helpful blog about inner peace. Hope you’ll like it.πŸ’— Without wasting a single second here we go! THINGS TO DO REGULARLY FOR INNER PEACE: 1. Ask yourself “who I am”? Every night when you […]